‘we are the reckless, we are the wild youth’ (Shoot Concept)

I have decided to use the lyrics “we are the reckless, we are the wild youth” by a band called Daughter from the song Youth. Whilst I was researching documentary photography and trying to come up with possible ideas for this project I was playing their music when the line caught my attention. I felt that the line has a strong statement yet when I thought about what it could mean I came up with the typical stereotype of young people being loud and rebellious. I wanted this project to reflect youth in a raw way and that meant stripping it back. Youth is associated with a positive time and ofter young people are told that the things they tend to get upset about are nothing in compared to when you will get older, that “you’re only young, you won’t understand”. I wanted to highlight the fact that even in youth, the deepest of upsets occur. With today’s society, young people are finding it much harder to be a kid which the pressure of popularity and looks.

I wanted to capture two sides of the lyrics in two different ways, using ambient light from light sources such as street lights and car headlight at night. This I believe with saw the raw nature of the shoot and help empathise emotion. I plan to shoot a 19-year-old boy in a red coat looking rather lost in his ways for the lyric ‘reckless’ and three young children playing for the lyric ‘wild’, but again showing emotion that will help tell a story. This I believe captures the typical youth at its prime but again showing that no matter the age, problems occur, we’re all humans who struggle. The reason for the red coat is that it links in with my first project and it as a signature colour I like to use. Red is often associated with blood and fire which also works really well with the concept of this shoot. The red will also help draw attention.

Overall I want these two shoots to be able to tell the story without having to really be explained, whilst the reason behind it is more than what may be initially thought, I believe the photographs I will produce will show enough emotion to tell a story of its own. I want viewers of my work to make their own story with my images as I know everyone interprets things, especially art, in different ways and I am excited to hear other people’s thoughts on my work for this project.


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